NewTrition Premium Mixed Flavor
Extra Strength
Energy Shots

  • Fast Energy
  • Long Lasting
  • Increased Alertness
  • Premium Ingredients
  • Improved Concentration
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging

Welcome to a New Era of Energy.

NewTrition Premium Energy Shots are the game-changer you’ve been waiting for. Made in the USA and designed to revolutionize your energy levels, it’s time to experience the NewTrition difference and supercharge your day like never before.

Premium Ingredients

B Complex Vitamins
Energy Blend
  • Amino Acids
  • Nutrients
  • Sugar Free
With every shot, you get a specially formulated blend of essential vitamins and nutrients, including Niacin, Vit B6, Vit B12, and caffeine, to give you the extra strength and focus you need to conquer any challenge. A balanced amount of these Premium Ingredients will provide a steady stream of energy to keep you going all day.

Amaze you taste buds with
4 Delicious Flavors

NewTrition Premium Power Shots come in four delicious flavors - Wild Berry, Grape, Blue Raspberry, and Mystic Melon. Each flavor is crafted to provide a refreshing and enjoyable experience, making your daily energy boost something to look forward to. With our Mixed Flavor Pack, you can enjoy all four flavors and find your favorite.

Energy-Boosting Goodness

NewTrition Premium Energy Shots are more than just an energy boost - they’re a comprehensive solution designed to enhance your overall performance and well-being.

Fast Energy

Our energy shots are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that promote mental clarity and focus.

Stable Focus

With a powerful blend of caffeine and B-vitamins, NewTrition provides a steady stream of energy that lasts all day.

Mind Clarity

NewTrition’s unique formula supports cognitive function, helping you think clearly and make decisions with confidence.

Predictable Stability

NewTrition offers a balanced energy boost that keeps you steady and stable throughout the day.

Maximum Productivity

With our compact, easy-to-carry pouches, getting your energy boost has never been easier or more convenient.

Long Lasting Effect

NewTrition shots provide a lasting energy boost, ensuring you stay powered up for all your daily activities.

What our customers say?

Works well

I have had to cut down on the amount of coffee I drink and this takes the place of the caffeine I would get from coffee only been using one a day and find helps with my energy levels throughout the day with no jitters or other side effects.
Peggy D.

Great Value

I bought these for my husband and he really likes them. The only small issue is trying to open the little tab at top of container other than that I think it’s better than 5 hour energy drinks.

Best Flavor and Good Energy

I've tried several of the energy boosters and this one has the best flavor (for me) and a solid boost of energy without a big drop at the end. I've re-ordered multiple times and have it on future re-orders as well.
Jerry A.

Cutting-Edge Innovation

With every shot, you get a specially formulated blend of essential vitamins and nutrients, including Niacin, Vit B6, Vit B12, and caffeine, to give you the extra strength and focus you need to conquer any challenge.

Scientific Research

Fine-Tuned Formula

Testing and Quality Control

Made in
the USA
Highest Quality on the Market
Eco-Friendly Packaging
Fast and Reliable Shipping
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Experience the Power of NewTrition

NewTrition Premium Energy Shots are not just another energy drink. They are a revolution in energy supplementation, designed to fuel your day with a potent blend of essential vitamins, nutrients, and caffeine. Made in the USA, our innovative formula works as hard as you do, providing peak performance energy that lasts all day or night.

Product Information


NEWTRITION Premium Energy Shot (Extra Strength) is the ultimate energy shot that packs a powerful punch of essential vitamins and nutrients, including Niacin, Vit B6, Vit B12, caffeine, and much more to give you the boost you need to power through your day! This powerful shot is specially formulated to provide you with the extra strength and focus you need to take on any challenge.

Savor the delicious Mixed Flavor with every sip and experience a burst of energy that will keep you going for hours. Say goodbye to grogginess and embrace a life full of vigor with NEWTRITION Premium Energy! Whether you’re hitting the gym, studying for an exam, or just need a quick pick-me-up to tackle a long day at work, this energy shot has got you covered. And with the recommended consumption limit of a maximum of two pouches, several hours apart, within 24 hours, you can be sure that you’re getting the right amount of energy without overdoing it.

Don’t let fatigue hold you back!

Order your pack today and get ready to take on the world with confidence and energy!

Technical Information

4-Count (Mixed Display)
Primary Supplement Type
Vitamin B12
Unit Count
8 Fl Oz
Item Form
Item Weight
55 Grams
Product Benefits
Skin Brightening
Age Range (Description)
Package Information
Canister, Bag
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